And Then We Bought Goats!


dwarf goat, buck, male, small farm

We welcomed two new darling goats into our family last weekend!  The little guys are still warming up to us and getting used to their new family.  The first day home they pretty much kept to themselves and if we tried to approach them they went the other way.

goat, wether, male

They are starting to warm up to us now.  We have been taking turns sitting out in the pen with them.  They rather enjoy this as long as we don’t make any sudden movements.  They definitely like the chairs we brought out to sit in and have taken them over as their own.

dwarf goats, dwarf, wether, small farmLefty is on the left lol and Pancho is on the right.

They may still be warming up to us but every time we leave the pen you would think we were never going to come back.  Crying follows you  all the way back up to the house!  Anytime they hear someone outside they make sure to let you know to come say hi to them too! We are loving the new additions to our family and really glad they are here with us.



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