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How to Rock Your First Visit to The Gym


Before Your First Training Session

By Cynthia Devening CPT

Ok it’s your first visit to the  gym! Wohoo! Congratulations…so excited to have you join our sisterhood! We love to help you with your workouts and training goals whether at a gym or in your front room. Lots of ladies worry about their first visit to the gym, we have have your back girl.

The Gym Intimidation Factor

A lot of people are intimidated in a new exercise setting.  Everyone else seems to know what they are doing while you might not have a clue. It’s all good don’t worry we have got you covered!

Almost everyone feels this way in a new setting or when they are starting something new.  We will get through this together one step at a time! You will feel so accomplished strong and proud as you meet your goals.  We have totally got this.  And just for the record a few of them have no clue what they are doing either!

                   Let’s look over a few pointers to get you headed in the right direction.


  • Proper footwear is essential. When shopping for footwear think: support, traction, and comfort.  Some stores educate their sales people to help you find the perfect shoe for your needs.  The most likely place to find one of these associates is a store that is only for shoes!  Don’t be afraid to ask for their help that is what they are getting paid to do.

 What to Pack

  • Bring a towel and water. You want to stay hydrated while you are working out.  You are going to be sweating a lot so you need to replenish.  A towel is super handy.  No one wants sweat dripping in their eyes while they are trying to focus on crushing calories.


  • If you have long hair make sure you have something to pull it up with. Bring extra hair ties, ponytail holders break and leave you stranded with wet stringy hair plastered to your neck. Do not want. Yuck.


Gym Fails Prevented

“Oh No, My Life is Over”

Workout Clothes

  • Gym clothes keep in mind we are going to be active and some clothes have a tendency to not stay where they belong the more one moves around. It’s highly recommended that you do a test run in your workout clothes.  Put them on and do a few jumping jacks, hops and leaps, or jog down your driveway.  Did they stay put?  Awesome! If not keep working on it!  The last thing you want is to constantly yank up your pants each time you jump in the air.

This is Why Gym Clothes are so Important

True story, we had that fit week back in school with jump roping, sit-ups, push-ups etc., do you all remember those?  Well, we had to jump rope 100 times for whatever reason without stopping.  Ok sounds good lets go, nothing like being half way through your jumping sessions with all your classmates standing by, to realize your underwear are slowly creeping their way off your body.

Think about it your arms are stuck with the jump rope and you’re counting and your trying not to hit your legs or feet and fail the test.  This entire time your panties are slowly inch by inch uncovering your bouncing booty. Oh the horrors!

“Will the panties start peeking out the bottom of your shorts?  Will everyone know?  This is school will it be the end of your life? ”

Needless to say it was a rough day, but I’m pretty sure I got to 100 and I honestly can’t recall how I managed to pull my dangling drawers back up!

Even worse this is not the first PE incident. We were playing volley ball or something and I had on a front clasp bra, do not do, it’s a trick.  Mine popped open and the free boobin began.  No one probably noticed because I’m not that well-endowed but my young self hung my head and declared my life ruined by fitness once again. Please do not despair, they make appropriate clothes for these adventures!  For your sake, heed my advice and test out your gear before you become Bouncy Betty Boobies! 

For the Love of Spandex

I have found spandex stays put the best, it holds up to jumping and lots of moving. Drawstrings can work too!  You never know when you may have to bend over or be upside down (hey it’s a thing) so make sure your things are or can be secured as well.

Go For Dark Colors on the Booty

Avoid light colored bottoms if you are likely to do any kind of sweating at all. No one needs to know but you that sweat is dripping off your crack like rain.  That’s right you are making all that fat cry, just do so while wearing black. 

 Yes Gum is Required, Maybe?

  • Gum bring it and use it if you don’t want a case of constant dry mouth. For some folks we cannot workout without chomping away at the same time. It might not be true for everyone. I have consulted a good buddy on this and I was told that this might be bad advice.  On that note, I have been advised if you can’t work out and chew at the same time this is horrible advice.  Test the water my lovelies don’t choke to death on the treadmill.

Extra Time

  • Arrive about 5-10 minutes early so that you have time to get all of your items squared away and are able to use the restroom if needed before the session begins.  You are probably going to be drinking a lot of water so knowing where the locations of the ladies rooms are is paramount to your comfort.Whether its a self guided sessions or with a personal trainer give your self a few extra minutes so you have time to complete your entire workout.

 Ladies Who Like to Eat

  • Try to eat about 2 hours before exercise a meal with both protein and carbs. Great examples are egg whites (4) and oatmeal (1/2 cup), turkey breast with whole wheat bread and veggies, or Greek yogurt with 1 serving of fruit such as berries or apple slices.

Say No to Callouses

  • Consider purchasing a set of weight lifting gloves. They will help cushion your hands and prevent callouses. This might take buying a couple of pair until you are satisfied with the fit, but they do help out a lot.

Yes another Note on Food

  • Keep a post workout snack ready to go. This is essential for helping your muscles repair after your workout.  A protein shake or protein bar with a mix of carbs and protein is the easiest but as long as you have a good mix of protein and carbs for immediately after your workout you are good to go.

Most importantly relax and have fun. If you have a personal trainer, let them know if you are having any issues or questions.  We are here to help you meet your goals, it is most definitely a team effort.  So if you are losing your panties every time you do a burpee by all means tell your trainer so they can find a different exercise to get you started on!

Hopefully, these tips will help ease your mind before your first visit to the gym.  If you have any tips that worked well for you, please let us know so we can help all our sisters out there reaching their fitness goals.

If you are interested in a 4 Week Beginners Workout Program you can Download it here for free!

Xoxo, Cynthia

Ladies Rock Your First Gym Visit

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