Effortless Exercise: The Benefits Of Walking

Effortless Exercise: The Benefits of Walking


Discover effortless exercise, the benefits of walking.  Are you looking for an exercise routine that isn’t a drag?  Sometimes working out seems overwhelming and it would just be nice to have effortless exercise.

It does exist and I’m talking about walking.  The benefits of walking are numerous and it really doesn’t seem like a fitness plan at all.  We have been doing it our entire lives, but it really works.  Lets take a look at effortless exercise: the benefits of walking.

Effortless Exercise: The Benefits of Walking


Almost everyone has the ability to walk.  We walk every day of our lives, to the kitchen, bathroom, up and down the stairs, picking up groceries, and the list goes on and on.  Everyone, assuming they are of sound health and body has what they need: two legs!

Weight Loss

Yes that is right you can lose weight by walking.  Weight loss is simply a game of balancing the calories you take in with the amount of calories you burn in a day.  The body burns about 100 calories per mile while walking.  As long as you are being mindful of what you put in your body, walking is a perfect way to burn off excess energy to give you an extra calorie deficit for weight loss.

effortless exercise: the benefits of walking


If you are feeling tired and sluggish you should try walking.  Does that afternoon slump hit you everyday in the office?  Get out of your chair and head out for a brisk walk.  Walking increases oxygen flow through your body while increasing hormones that boost your energy levels.  You will be feeling more lively in no time!

Enhances Problem Solving Skills

Walking can help clear your mind of distractions and focus on a hard to make decision.  Your creativity is also boosted when you are walking so you can resolve issues in whole new ways.  The next time your boss gives you a hard to handle situation try taking a 15 minute walk before you dive into the task.


Walking is used by many in urban areas to get every where they need to go.  Have you ever thought about giving it a try?  If the store is really right down the road what would it hurt you to walk?  It might actually help you.  You would save gas money getting were you need to go and burn energy (calories) at the same time!

No Risky Business

Walking is safe for people of all ages.  The risk of injuries for walking is 1-5% as compared to 20-70% risk of injuries for runners.  This makes walking a safe family activity that the tiniest and the oldest can enjoy.  The benefits are great for people who might not otherwise get to enjoy physical activity do to health concerns, medications, or physical limitations.  Walking is very low impact so there is no jarring or shearing force placed on your lower body making you cringe with every step.

effortless exercise: the benefits of walking

Budget Friendly

In reality to start walking you need nothing.  So total cost zero.  With concern to your health and comfort its definitely a good idea to invest in a good pair of walking shoes and some comfortable clothing.  A pair of walking shoes should last you about 500 miles.  That’s a pretty small cost compared to other fitness activities.  A gym membership will run you about $30 a month and a Crossfit membership can run about $100 a month.  If your pinching pennies walking will definitely be the easiest on the wallet.

Life Expectancy

That’s right walking can help you live longer.  Adding 150 minutes of brisk walking to your routine each week can add a little over three years to your life.

Getting Started

There are only a few things you might want to considered before you get ready to head out on your new walking routine.

  • Plan Your Route
  • Warm up with a few simple stretches before you head out
  • Start small start with 5-10 minutes and increase as you feel comfortable
  • Don’t worry about speed
  • Swing your arms and breathe in lots of fresh air
  • Invite your friends 🙂

Looking to splurge?  Buy yourself a fitness tracker with heart rate monitor to really make sure you are smashing goals!  Plus you will always know what time it is!

Walking really is an effortless exercise and there are so many benefits that definitely make it worth trying.  Let us know how you much you enjoy walking or if you there are any must haves for your walking routine!

Walking not your thing?  Or are you possibly looking for something more intense?  Try out these Tabata Training Workouts to really get to the other end of the spectrum!

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