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6 Easy Ways to Prevent Weight Gain


By Cynthia Deveing, CPT


Have you gotten on the scale lately only to find your weight has been creeping up again?  Its like a bad dream.  There you are just plugging along and bam right back to where you started or even a bit heavier.  Its definitely frustrating when the scale seems to be out to get you.  Let’s take a look at these 6 easy ways to prevent weight gain to get you on track and staying on track with your fat loss goals.

We are always worried about losing weight and what we can do to get it off.  A huge area we can control right away usually gets overlooked.  That’s right we are talking about weight gain.  Even if you aren’t actively trying to lose weight you need to take preventative measures to keep from gaining weight.  On average we gain about a 1lb. of weight a year.  Some people gain much more, me for instance I can gain 5 lbs in two weeks.  Its totally not fair, but hey it is what it is.  Some people of course will gain less.  The more you know how your body reacts to certain stimulus or situations the better.

 So yes you heard me right, Even if you aren’t actively trying to lose weight you need to be actively making sure you aren’t gaining weight.

6 Easy Ways to Prevent Weight Gain

Today we are going to over some simple changes you can make that will decrease the likelihood of weight gain.

Whatcha Drinking

Change your sweet tea, soda, and sweetened drinks out for unsweetened or zero calorie flavor drinks.  There are tons on the market.  I’m sure you can find something that works.   If you need sweetened drinks go for it.  Check out the juice isle in your grocery store there are tons.  Look at the nutrition label on the back and check for Sugar you want it to say Zero.  Check the Carbohydrates.  It should also show a zero.

Balanced Sleep

Go to sleep or get out of bed! I would wager most of us don’t get enough sleep but I’d bet a lot of would also fall prey to oversleeping if given half a chance. Sleep needs to be balanced it messes with your hormones if you aren’t clocking 7 to 8 hours.  It can also turn you into a sloth if you are sleeping all the time.  You get depressed and you slowly mope around looking for your bed even when you shouldn’t be tired.

Say No To Junk Food

Nix the foods that are loaded with calories: burgers, fries, sweets, red meats and so many others. Replace them with low calories foods like vegetables, dairy, whole grains, and fruits.

Choose your high calorie foods in moderation and control your portions.

if you want the cookie, eat it

If you Want the Cookie, Eat the Cookie.  You just have to be in a position where you can stop at the one cookie and not eat the entire box!

If your plate is looking skimpy have bigger portions of the low calorie foods. Broccoli, spinach, kale, brussel sprouts, asparagus, cucumbers they all give you a huge portion with little calorie intake.  They will fill you up because you are eating a larger portion but they won’t cause you to gain weight near as quickly.

Want a steak for dinner?  Perfect, have one but use some self control. Opt for a small one with a side salad light dressing, steamed veggies, and a side of berries and yogurt.  After the initial bites the enjoyment we are receiving from the food is mostly gone and we are eating because we are there.  If you are going to indulge, truly savor the food you are craving.  Turn in and notice the flavors and enjoy yourself.

Netflix and Chill

Ditch the Netflix marathons. TV leads to all sorts of things like sitting on your booty and munching away at whatever is quick convenient. Snacks like chips and crackers that can be eaten with little mess and effort.  And this doesn’t even include the food commercials or the cooking shows.  Every time my husband watches Andrew Zimmerman he must go find food because it leaves him starving.  Coincidence?  I don’t think so.  They are playing with our minds people!  Don’t be fooled.

If you want to watch some TV either try to limit your couch potato time to an hour or get off your butt and move around while you are watching your shows.

6 easy ways to prevent weight gain

Blame It on the Alcohol

Don’t become an alcoholic. Ok you get my point, but of course, please don’t become an alcoholic.

Drinking is fun and enjoyable.  Don’t be bad at it.

  Drink responsibly for your social life and your physical health. Your body cannot burn other calories when it is focusing on burning off the calories from the alcohol you consume.  In other words, your weight loss efforts grind to a screeching halt. There are at lot of useless calories in alcohol.  We need to find ways to cut some of them out.

Have a couple of shots and then your done? Mix your drinks with no calorie sweeteners.  Step  one pick a lower calorie alcohol or beer.  Step two pick flavored waters, diet sodas, or seltzer waters to mix your booze with.  This will keep your calories in check.  Step three drink to enjoy.  If you are thirsty get a drink of water to go along with your adult beverage.  Don’t drink so quickly you are sabotaging  your weight loss goals. This is 2016 as well all of your friends have Facebook accounts don’t end up boozed up posted all over social media.

You Gotta Move

Get Up and Move. We don’t realize how easy it is or how easy we have it.  Sometimes we just gotta get up and get going put our bodies in motion.  Take a walk, do the dishes, dance with someone special.  It doesn’t have to be a specific work out but it does have to happen.  If you would rather have a workout but don’t have a lot of time try Tabata style workouts.  I like to think of them as a cardio and strength 20 to 30 minute knockout.  All the bang to leave you pumped and quick too.  If you have an office job create tasks that you have to get up frequently.  Don’t bring all the things you need to your desk at one time.  Take a walk every time you need to grab something.  Its not the most efficient but your body will thank you.

I hope these 6 easy ways to prevent weight gain help you on your journey.  If you are looking for easy exercises to start with check out some of the Benefits of Walking.  Be sure to let us know how you keep the weight at bay!



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