10 Simple Tips To Deal With The Afternoon Slump

10 Simple Tips to Deal with the Afternoon Slump

Are you falling asleep at your desk by mid afternoon? No matter what happens it seems everyday around 2 or 3 pm you are just brain dead and about ready to fall on the floor.  Once you are on the floor secretly thinking about rolling yourself under your desk in a little ball to take a nap in your own secret hideaway?  Oh ya, I got your number.  You didn’t think I knew, but your secrets out and you aren’t alone.

Those dreaded mid day slumps are a thing of concern for most of us.  Ugh they are such a drag.  Here are 10 simple tips to deal with the afternoon slump and get you energized and ready to battle the rest of your day.

10 Simple Tips to Deal with the Afternoon Slump

Get Up and Move

Exercising gets your blood pumping and moving through your body which makes you feel more awake and energized.  Try going for a 10 minute walk on your lunch break.  If you don’t have 10 minutes try some body weight squats or marching in place while pumping your arms vigorously.

10 simple tips to deal with the afternoon slump

Drink Your Water

Dehydration makes you feel run down in not time.  Drinking plenty of water helps your body process and break down your food.  Food is what are bodies use for energy so getting enough water in helps make sure our bodies get the energy they need. Aim to drink an ounce of water for every pound you weigh.  If you weigh 100 lbs drink 100 ounces of water a day.

Catch Your Zzzs

Our bodies need plenty of sleep to function properly.  Lack of sleep leads to fatigue and mental exhaustion.  We also have a tendency to make more mistakes and over eat when we are running low on our beauty rest.

Comedy Hour

Getting in a good laugh is a stress buster and a mood booster. Laughing raises your blood pressure and boosts your heart rate. All of these things give you more energy to take on your day.  So whether its telling lame jokes or watching cat videos take a fun break to get a free energy boost.


Lady in Red

The color red has always been associated with stimulation and energy.  There is a reason why painting guides will never recommend you paint your bedroom red.  It’s a color of vibrance and action.  It may not be great when you are trying to get some shut eye but it’s absolutely perfect to keep all your senses firing.

Eat Healthy

Eating highly nutritious food is going to give your body the vitamins and minerals it needs to perform at peak. Just like your car if you get the high quality gas your engine will perform better.  Nourishing yourself with junk isn’t going to allow you to operate at full capacity. Pick a snack with protein and complex carbs like some sliced turkey or chicken in a whole wheat wrap.  Add some veggies for an even bigger boost!

mindful meditation


Stress is super draining and we usually experience so much stress that its a wonder we are able to get up in the morning.  Daily meditation can give you some stress relief which will help you be more energized overall. Mindful meditation is a good place for beginners to start.  Take a few minutes during the day to tune out and simply focus on your breathing.  You may be aware of other things but don’t let them disrupt your concentration on your breathing.  Focus on breathing in and out and the feel of your breath empty out of you and filling you back up.  After a couple of minutes you should find yourself more relaxed and in a less frenzied and more energized state.


Let the Sunshine In

Getting a daily dose of sunshine is sure to brighten your mood.  The color yellow can promote hope and cheerfulness which is sure to raise your energy levels and your spirits.  Soaking up some sunshine will also get your body a healthy dose of Vitamin D which helps your body absorb calcium so it can make strong bones.

Sit Up Straight

When our head, neck, and shoulders are bent forward like while we type away at our desks all day, blood flow to our brain is restricted.  Restriction of blood to the brain can zap vital energy levels.  The muscles that help us sit up also have to work harder when our posture is poor.  Guess what?  Our muscles are working extra so we are wasting more energy as we sit at our desks improperly. So sit up straight and pay attention to signs that you may be hunching over for long periods of time.

Get your Blink On

Its entirely possible that blinking often can give your mind a quick recharge and help you focus.  Try making sure you are blinking 10-20 times a minute while you are staring at a computer screen.  Blinking helps lubricate the eyes and keep them from drying out but recent research is pointing towards all those blinks giving us a timeout to reset and go again.

10 simple tips to deal with the afternoon slump

Is it Time for a Doctor’s Visit?

If you try all these tips and are still feeling like you are running on empty it’s time to see a doctor.  Several serious disease cause fatigue symptoms and if you have given all these tips an honest effort then you should definitely talk with your doctor.

These 10 Simple Tips to Deal with the Afternoon Slump should have you bouncing off the walls with more energy in no time.  Let us know which of these tips work best for you!

xoxo Cynthia

Stay healthy and full of energy

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