Kill Pms Cravings

Kill PMS Cravings

Kill PMS Cravings before they take over and try to ruin your life or at least your week! Fluctuating hormones can make you crazy and out of control. It’s really ridiculous.  I mean really why in heck do we have to deal with this? Don’t we already have enough on our overflowing plates? Let’s take a look at what the heck is going on and see if we can kill pms cravings.

estrogens role in pms cravings

My Dear Estrogen

Oh my estrogen what are you doing? Estrogen makes females much more sensitive to insulin.  This increased sensitivity lowers blood sugar and initiates the cravings for sweet and sometimes salty foods that women experience during premenstrual period.  It also makes us get those crazed hangry urges as well.

Estrogen is not only responsible for the cravings it also the culprit in bloating, water retention, cramping, and mood swings. Seriously that’s not very nice.

Somewhere to lay the Blame

So let’s at least breath a collective sigh of relief ladies.  You read it right there, right?  It’s not all within our control ladies.  We aren’t going bat shit crazy after all! Estrogen made us do it.

Even More Lovely News

When hormones fluctuate(during pms), you produce less thyroxine.  Thyroxine is the main hormone produced by the thyroid gland that increases metabolic rate. When there is less thyroxine going around the rate you metabolize food decreases.  So ya, you are craving all the salty and sweet and goodness and your body is totally burning calories slower.  What the heck?

Ok, now we know are hormones are working the damnedest to make us go bonkers let’s see what we can do so we don’t lose all of the hard work we have put in.

Now what do we do to Kill the PMS Cravings

kill pms cravings

Step One Eat the Damn Chocolate

If the cravings aren’t going away, have a little chocolate.  I’m talking about fun size here.  No worries it’s only a few calories for one piece. It will actually help stabilize your blood sugar and make your cravings subside. Plus it will also make you feel a little better. Yep that’s right a little chocolate is a okay.

kill pms cravings

Step Two Strength Training

We can keep strength training during this hormone wacko bonanza. To make  ideal strength training gains during the red wedding aim for 70-80 percent of your 1 RM.  Once you are at 70-80 percent aim for 7 to 8 reps per set.  Whatever you do keep up the challenge.

Your training has to be challenging to your muscles or you won’t see any results.  If you are finding it hard to lift heavy during this trying time stand up instead.  This will add a challenge to your core and work on your balance skills.

Use time under tension to your advantage. Your muscles work when they are under stress. The longer you are lifting a weight the longer your muscles are being stressed.  Try 3 seconds up one second pause and 3 seconds down for each rep to keep your muscles under tension longer.

Step Three Cardio Training

PMS cravings can be lessened by sticking to your workout routine.  If your body isn’t up to performing your regular workout try some long walks in place of your regular workout.  Moderate exercise even if you can only get in a few minutes at a time will perk you up and help you kick the cravings to the curb.  Cardio exercise also has a tendency to reduce appetite for atleast 30 minutes after a moderate to vigorous workout.

omega-3 kill pms cravings

Step Four Get your Fatty Acids

Omega-3’s can help curb sweet cravings by stabilizing blood sugar levels.  Omega-3’s can be found: tuna, salmon or take a fish or krill oil supplement daily.  If fish isn’t your thing you can also sprinkle some walnuts, chia seeds  or ground flaxseed into your yogurt for a boost of fatty acids.  So you’re not into seafood or dairy? Try having some scrambled eggs for breakfast. A half cup of egg yolk contains 240 milligrams of omega-3.

Step Five Eat Often

Try to eat something every few hours to keep insulin levels steady.  You won’t try to shovel anything and everything down your throat is your insulin stays regular.

Start the day by eating something small when you wake up to get your metabolism started.  It needs to be 10% of your caloric needs for the day to turn your metabolism up and get it started.

Eat when you are hungry unless you are never hungry then try to eat a bit of something every few hours to keep your body fueled.  Make sure you are eating protein and complex carbs.  Proteins keep you full and satisfied and your body will use the carbohydrates for energy.

Step Six Take a Chill Pill

Relax.  Stress can cause cravings during this time of the month.  Have you ever heard of stress eating?  When you freak out and start craving food and you weren’t even hungry a few minutes before, it’s most likely stress.

This too Shall End

We cannot control our cravings or how long our pms symptoms last. Hopefully these tips will help us combat some of the food cravings we get when our hormones are out of whack.  Even though we aren’t fully in control will can still help kill the pms cravings with these steps.  Remember PMS doesn’t last forever and eventually our bodies and emotions will get back to normal 🙂

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How to get rid of pms cravings

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