A Day In The Life

A Day in The Life

A Day In the Life

These a day in the life posts seem to be pretty popular.  Not sure if it’s just the not understanding how people get things done or what the draw is but if someone is doing something I have interest in I will check them out as well!

Today I’m going to try my hand at one just in case anyone is curious.

Wake Up

4am Husband started a new job and now we get up super early.  Make sure he gets off to work and get workout clothes on.

Work Out

4:30-5:30 Workout.  I normally workout 30 minutes to an hour depending on what other deadlines I have for the day. I use workouts similar to these on a daily basis.

Taking Care of Business

5:30 – 6am Blog content creation.  This is the stage I spend most of my time in right now on the blog.  Creating valuable content and graphics.  It takes me quite a while to write each post, so I figure the more I write the faster I will get!  Once I’m more efficient with content creation I will be diving into the scary world of gaining a audience!

Self Development

6-6:30 Practice drawing.  I love drawing but I do not love where my skill level is.  I want to make lovely digital art and impress all my friends. 🙂 So I have to dedicate the time to practice and not just drool over other amazing art!

Mom Jobs

6:30-7 Get lunches and breakfast ready to take to work.  Breakfast and lunches are high protein and a healthy carb, usually a fruit.  Pick out work clothes and pack gym bag.

7-7:40 Get kids up and finish getting ready while they are getting ready for school.

On the Road Again

7:40-8:30 Commute time.  Ugh driving.  Drop the kids off at school and drive to the office.  I do not like working so far from my home.  I feel like so much time is wasted in transient.  I try to find podcasts and you tube videos to listen to on the way which helps but also eats all my phone data!

Working for the Man

8:30 – 4:30 Work at the office.  Data entry, customer service, phone calls, on-boarding paperwork.


5pm -7pm Train clients at the Rec center. This can be anywhere from one client to several depending on the day.  We go over fitness and nutrition.  Each client has different needs, concerns, and goals.

More Driving

7-7:20 Drive home, try not to think its midnight because its already dark outside.

Rush Hour

7:30-9pm Homework, dinner, hang out with the kids, chores etc.  It’s pretty hectic during this time of the evening that is why I love crock pot meals so much.  The less time I have to spend over the stove is more time I can spend with my people!

Guilty Pleasure

9pm TV Show.  I normally have time to watch one show to kind of help my brain wind down for the day.

Catch Some Zzzs

10pm Bed Time!

That’s pretty much how a typical day goes for me right now!  How do you spend your days?

xoxo, Cynthia

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