Fitness Junkie Gift List

Fitness Junkie Gift List

It’s that time of year again and if you are lucky there may be a fitness junkie on your Holiday Shopping List.  The fitness junkie gift list  to shares some of our favorite fitness items and some of the items we’d love to receive as gifts!

So if you have no idea what to get the fitness junkie in your life or if you need ideas to give to your friends and family we have got you covered!

Fitness Junkie Gift List

fitness junkie gift list 2016

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1.  Nothing like jammin’ out while getting your sweat on. Don’t let friends be music less.

2. No workout is complete without a cute tank and a cheeky saying.

3. Hydration is a huge deal when working out, don’t let friends be caught without their water bottle.

4. Hard workouts produce sweat and what better to mop up the sweat than a fun towel.

5. Working out away from home requires a few essential items so a gym bag is necessary to tote gym accessories.

6. Gym socks are necessary for serious fitness junkies.

7.  Hair ties are much appreciated item that can be tossed in the gym bag because a broken hair tie can leave an entire workout in a tale spin.

8.  New gym shoes are necessary about every six months when workouts are regular. Give the gift of happy feet.

9. Lifting serious weight calls for a shoe with a flat bottom, Chucks are a great shoe to start with.

10. Headbands are a great gift for your friend with bangs.  No one wants stray hairs when they are concentrating on completing a set.

11. Every fitness junkie has a love and possibly borderline obsession with new gym clothes.  Can you ever have too many pairs of workout pants?  No, that’s totally a myth.

12. Have a friend that travels a lot but still wants to get their fitness on?  Jump ropes are light and easy to pack.

13. Are you friends with a total fitness nerd?  This book has all kinds of technical anatomy information.

14.  Know a tech fitness junkie?  This polar loop will let them track fitness data.

15. Sports bras are an essential item for ladies who like to work out.

16. How about some pretty jewelry to remind your friend that she is tough and beautiful too?

17. Get your friend a timer so they aren’t guessing how many seconds they have been holding plank position.

18. Have any friends with permanent callouses on their hands?  Do them a favor and get them a set of lifting gloves.

19. What about the bookworm friend?  Here she can learn all about some new workouts.

20. Music makes every workout better.  Give the gift of sweet music.

21. Maybe you can’t afford to purchase a massage, try this foam roller for half the cost!

22. Don’t let friends freeze.  Grab them a warm snugly shirt to throw on after a workout.

23. Squats are kind of a big deal and so is protecting the knees.  Grab your friend some knee sleeves.

24. You know that one friend that is always looking for a place to stash her phone during a workout.  Get her this belt to hold all her necessaries.

25. Sometimes its hard to get up and workout in the morning a motto mug will sure help keep your friend on a fitness streak.

There are plenty of options to get your fitness junkie friend a great gift this holiday season.  Hopefully you find something that will fit the bill! Print off A copy of the 4 Week Beginner’s Workout Program as an extra touch to make their gift complete!

xoxo Cynthia

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