Five Reasons Women Should Strenght Train.

Five Reasons Women Should Strength Train

Hey ladies if you aren’t already lifting weights in the gym or at home let’s take a look at why you should be.  Strength training can provide several great benefits for women. Here are five reasons women should strength train.

Does Strength Training Make Me Look Big?

Don’t be scared of getting bulky.  In most instances that just won’t happen because we don’t have the hormones for that kind of growth.  Don’t worry  if you don’t know your way around the weight room either, those are all obstacles that can be overcome with knowledge.

Everyone has to start at the beginning to  become good at something.  Ok. lets take a look at what strength training can do for you.

Five Reasons Women Should Strength Train

  • Increased Muscle Strength and Endurance

When muscles are trained they can grow bigger and stronger, without training they grow weaker and get smaller.

Every move we make uses muscular strength.  The more muscle we have the easier we can finish what lies ahead, like chores.

For instance after I have been up and about all day cleaning or walking around, I tend to spend the majority of my time standing…I begin to get an achy lower back.  I know if my lower back muscles were a bit stronger I could make it through my tasks easier.

  • Stronger Bones

Regular strength training increases Bone Mineral Density….it makes your bones stronger.  We women have a greater risk of getting osteoporosis due to our smaller and thinner bone size and a decrease in Estrogen as we age.  Estrogen, a hormone in women protects are bones but it decreases dramatically as we get older.

So strength training is super important if we don’t want to be worrying about leaving the house and breaking a hip!

five reasons women should strength train

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  • Weight loss

Resistance exercises continue to burn calories long after the exercise session has ended.  Muscle tissue constantly uses energy so the more muscle mass you have the more calories you burn.

As body fat increases less energy is needed so calories that were used up by muscle tissue are now stored as fat.

In other words, strength training more will grow your muscles and give you more calorie burning power which can lead to weight loss.

A weight loss program should consist of cardiovascular and strength training workouts along with a healthy diet.

  • Leaner Body

Resistance exercise maintains or increases fat free mass as it decreases fat by burning calories. A woman who is not strength training loses 0.5 pounds of muscles each year.

So even if your weight stays the same over a 5 or 10 year span your body fat percentage will increase. Increase in body fat has a negative impact on your health and gives you flabby arm wings!

Make sure to strength train!

 Injury Risk and Disease Prevention

Muscles help us absorb shock and balance our bodies.  They help reduce the pain of arthritis as well.  Your risk of heart disease and Diabetes will also be reduced.  The risk of getting depressions is also reduced by a regular strength training program.

Women’s Strength Training Program

Free Workout plan for Weight loss

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Free Resource Library Sign Up


Can you see yourself juggling laundry, groceries, a Mud Run, and the bills all with a smile on your face?  Hey you are strong and you aren’t depressed either thanks to resistance training! Just think that could be you in just a few months!

As you can see the benefits of a resistance program are many for us ladies.  I hope these five reasons women should strength train give you the motivation to get started.

If you are feeling a little nervous or confused about how to start with weights most gyms have staff that would be happy to give you a tour or a quick demonstration.

Plan to work out in your home or are wanting a training program that is already to go? Contact me and I will be glad to help.

Don’t wait start gaining these rewards now! Contact me to start your own custom strength training program today! xoxo, Cynthia

Women should Strength Train for Weight Loss

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