How To Create A Pre Workout Survival Kit

How to Create A Pre-Workout Survival Kit

Don’t get caught at the gym without your essential items that can make your workout go from Ya to Ack!   Don’t worry we have you covered with these pre-workout survival kit ideas.

pre-workout survival kit

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What is a Pre-Workout Survival Kit?

A pre-workout survival kit is essential a kit that saves your workouts 🙂  It can be a bag, a purse, or a back pack.

It has to 1. Make you want to workout like nobody’s business.  We are talking beast mode here. 2. It needs to contain everything you might need fora rockin’ workout.

A survival kit contains the items you absolutely cannot imagine yourself working out without. The items that if you pull into the gym without, you will be pulling out 5 seconds later to go retrieve them!

whats in your gym bag

What’s In Your Pre-Workout Survival Kit?

Everyone’s kit will be a little different but here are a list of popular items to get you started.

  • Hair Ties
  • Make Up/Baby Wipes
  • Charged Phone
  • Headphones
  • Fitness Tracker
  • Chap stick
  • Water bottle/Shaker bottle or both
  • Gum
  • Lifting Gloves
  • Protein and Carb Snack
  • Towel
  • Shoes
  • gym clothes
  • deodorant
  • hand sanitizer
  • some dollar bills
  • Band aids
  • hair brush
  • Phone Carrier
  • lotion

Create Your Own Pre-Workout Survival Kits

Your first step needs to be looking over the list and see how many of these items are some of your must haves.

  • While you are creating your list think about things like how much room does your bag need to have?
  •  Will you be heading to the gym straight from home, so you can probably use a smaller bag?
  • Do you head to the gym after work and need room in your kit for exercise clothes and some protein packed post workout snacks?
  • Do you like compartments or are you ok with digging around until you find your gum at the bottom of your bag?
  • Does hitting the gym happen before hitting the office?  In this case, you need to considered a larger towel, soap, and a waterproof bag for wet garmets and liquids.

Ok so you have an idea of what you will need in your bag and the requirements your bag will need to stand up to.  It’s finally time to go shopping!

Pick a bag that meets your needs and that you absolutely love!  We want all the motivation we can get.

Check out a few of our favorites.

how to create a pre-workout survival kit

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1. Back Pack 

2. Duffle Bag

3. Gym Bag

After you have purchased the perfect bag fill it with all your pre-workout essentials and go work up a sweat!

There are some things a lady just has to have at the gym.  We need to be able to manage our adventures and our workouts without running into snags and that is why we have our pre-workout survival kits.  It’s totally our super power.

What are your pre-workout survival kit must haves?  We would love to hear all about them or show us your pictures!

xoxo, Cynthia

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