Tips For A Healthy Road Trip

Tips for a Healthy Road Trip

By Cynthia Devening CPT

Tips for healthy eating on your road trip.

Do you have any family road trips planned this vacation? Road trips can be the stuff of nightmares for folks trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  It’s so easy to slip when you are in the car for hours on end and just want something quick and easy to eat.

It can be tough trying to stick to your guns on a road trip.  Especially if not all your family members to agree to take the packed food because it would be easier to just grab food along the way. Let’s take a look at some tips for a healthy road trip even if the rest of your family isn’t on the same page!

Tips for a Healthy Road Trip

  • Pack at least a small cooler or bag of healthy snacks. Include chopped fruits and veggies, string cheese, yogurt, peanut butter, pretzels, water, protein bars, and protein for a healthy road trip


  • Keep in mind if you aren’t able to pack a cooler that many gas stations are starting to carry more healthy options. I have come across coolers with berries, yogurts, hard boiled eggs, and salads. The trick here is keeping your eyes off all the tempting stuff or at least eating it in moderation with the majority of your foods being healthy.
  • If you stop at a fast food restaurant choose wisely. Avoid cheeses, heavy sauces like mayo, French fries and soft drinks.  Replace heavy sauces with mustard or a low fat salad dressing.  Most fast food restaurants sell side salads, apple slices, oranges, and yogurts these days so it’s easy to choose an alternative to fries! Instead of soda choose water or unsweetened tea.  If you need some flavor ask for lemon wedges or have an occasional glass of diet soda.

tips for a healthy road trip

  • We all know you are in a hurry to get to your destination but it’s important to schedule pit stops along the way as well.  Getting away from the wheel helps your blood circulate and your mind to stay sharply focused.  Driving for hours at a time can get pretty boring and the last thing you want to do is zone out.  Make sure you are driving responsibly.
  • When you stop for gas plan an extra 10 minutes to stop and do some stretching and light exercises.  If you have kids find a place big enough for a couple of races. This will keep your body from getting super stiff and also help you remain alert and more energized for the drive.
  • Try to eat full meals out of the car. Some of the best parts about road trips are the memories made along the way.  So stop somewhere and have a picnic, stretch your legs, and share a couple of laughs with your kids.  Your destination will be there waiting when you arrive enjoy the journey in the meantime!

What tips for healthy road trips do you have that help keep you on the right path and do you have any awesome road trips planned this summer?  Let us know!

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Tips For a Healthy Road Trip

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