Writing For Stress Relief

Why Writing is Stress Relief

how to write for stress relief
write for stress relief

We come from a generation of noise and over scheduling.  Everyone is racing against a clock that is telling them they don’t have enough time.  They aren’t going to get things done and there will always be more to do!

As adults today we are stressed beyond belief.  We cram so much into every minute, then fret and worry about getting it all finished. If this sounds like you, please pay attention.  I know my attention is peaked if someone can get rid of a little stress on my plate!

Why Writing is Stress Relief

Writing to Cope

Writing about stressful events going on in your life can help you better cope or come to terms with a painful or difficult situation. Releasing your words onto paper can make you feel much better. It helps you relax and decreases the physical stress you may be feeling. That can be a weight off your shoulders!

Genius Style

Writing uses the left side of your brain, keeping it occupied leaving the right side freed up to be creative. Scribbling your thoughts on paper helps remove mental blocks making it possible to use MAXIMUM BRAIN POWER!


Journaling can have a very positive impact on both mental and physical health. Some researchers have conducted studies that lead them to believe it assists in strengthening your immune system and reduces stress. Whaaaaat? Writing down my feelings can boost my immune system!?! That must be WIZARDRY!

writing for stress relief

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Stop and Jot Before You Plot

Am I really feeling this way or am I just a ball of emotion fury? Writing down initial reactions when you’re upset can be very beneficial to reducing your stress level in a big way.

Having your thoughts on paper allows you to see a new perspective rather than your initial reaction. Write it all down in the heat of the moment, then come back to it later.

Take a second look at the thoughts you had when there was nothing but fire in your eyes. Now that your head has cooled off a bit, you can sort through your feelings to make determinations whether those were rational thoughts or if you were just upset and acting crazy.

I know I have a very hard time sorting out my feelings. I very often take things in the wrong way. Like A LOT. Leading me to jump to conclusions that are completely untrue.

It’s much easier to tell when I have valid reasons to be upset or if I was just being a crazy woman if I can see it in print.

Getting to Know You

Writing is a wonderful way to get to know yourself. You may not know as much about yourself as you think you do. Do you know where you want to go in life? It’s really stressful if you don’t know where you are going or why you are here.

Your daily schedule and interest are great topics to jot down in a notebook. You may see things you never noticed or realized about yourself.

The Story of My Life

Journaling can even be like an adventure tracker! 10 years down the road you could open up one of your old journals and relive adventure after adventure. Who knew you used to be cool, right?

My favorite thing about a journal is that I am the only one writing it and the only one reading. What I put down on that paper or in that word document is just for me.  It doesn’t have to be correct or make sense or even have proper grammar.

writing is stress relief

Get Started Writing for Stress Relief

Just start writing.  Try using a timer on your phone.  Start with 2 to 5 minutes if you are overwhelmed.

Take a few minutes a day and just jot down what you did or random things that pop into your mind. Maybe you’re going to a rough patch. Put it on paper. Maybe you want to talk to someone about something pretty big but are too afraid or nervous to do so. Write it down.

I promise it will release the intensity of whatever you’re feeling and help you relax a little. You may end up writing your biography and not even realize you’re doing it! Oh snap pro status writers in no time at all!

There are endless benefits of writing. Whether you discover it’s something you want to make into a career or maybe just a little something only for you.

People keep journals of

  • progress for exercising
  • keeping track of food
  •  funny conversations they have with their children
  • dreams
  • stories
  • drawings

You just gotta start somewhere. Let it all pour out and feel the stress disappear.

Make Your Writing Feel Luxurious

It’s pretty easy to take something from plain Jane to over the top.  Make your writing something you don’t want to go without.  Treat yourself to some special accessories. Don’t buy boring office stuff, live a little and find something that speaks to you.





I hope you enjoyed learning why writing is stress relief and find yourself trying some journaling soon.  If this article was helpful please pin to your Stress Relief Boards on Pinterest!



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