Our Bodies Are Not Thesame After Baby

Tips for Fitness after Pregnancy

Are you a mom? Have you ever wished for your pre baby body back? Ever seen programs geared at getting back into your pre pregnancy clothes? If you have tried and failed to get your pre baby body back let’s take a look at why.


Ok ladies let’s think about this. We have grown and nourished one or more babies with our amazing bodies. Our bodies just aren’t the same and that’s ok. It’s perfect. Is your heart the same as the moment you got to hold your new born for the first time? I didn’t think so.
It’s your heart, but it’s filled up with so much more love that I bet sometimes you just want to burst. Your mind is probably different too.

We don’t need to get our old bodies back we need to learn to love and develop our new bodies.

Instead of worrying what you are going to wear you are worrying about diapers and food and what if your little one gets sick or trips and falls. You have so much more on your plate then before. When all of these things seem normal and realistic you have to give your body a break too.
You have a new amazing body and once you take that to heart it will be so much easier learning to love it just like those little ones your heart melts for.
We don’t need to get our old bodies back we need to learn to love and develop our new bodies.


Fitness is great for everyone especially mommas.

• It helps you get your energy back and we all know how much of a priority more energy needs to be.
• A regular workout program can help decrease low back pain. I have more back pain now that I’m a mom than ever before. I work to prevent it so it’s definitely less than when I didn’t work out.
• Some women experience urinary incontinence during and after pregnancy. This is both embarrassing and annoying. Postnatal fitness can help eliminate urinary incontinence with a proper workout routine.

How to Get Into Postnatal Fitness

Becoming A Groupie

In some areas exercise groups catering to new moms and babies are everywhere. If you are looking for a group mommy and me fitness type program in your area please be careful. There are a lot of programs that say they are designed for moms that aren’t really customized to fit your needs. When looking for a program be sure the program you are considering:
• Avoids crunches for beginners or moms who just received medical clearance to exercise
• Is low impact to start
• Time Efficient
Group programs can be great for motivation and support just make sure you take your time and figure it out. When it doubt, try it out. Most fitness classes will allow you to pay per session or on monthly basis. You may have to shell out more money for buying only one or two classes but you will also see if the class vibes with you.

Lone Ranger

If you are wanting to strike out on your own try out walking routine. Everyone knows the rules for walking so there isn’t a huge learning curve to stress you out and you will still get in a workout. This can give you some time to spend energizing your body and clearing your head. It’s also an activity the littles can join in.

Custom Postnatal Fitness Program

Ready for a bigger challenge but don’t want to join a group? Feel overwhelmed and want someone else to take care of the ins and outs and just give you a plan to follow?
Sign up now for your very own customized postnatal fitness plan if you would like a step by step plan that is all about you and embracing your body after baby. No stress girl, just read and complete the workout and stay in touch for awesome results!
Remember postnatal bodies are beautiful and the workout routine needs to fit your new body. Start today and you will feel invigorated in no time.

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