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How to Build a Home Gym for less than $100

Do you want to get your workout on but don’t have the funds to invest in a gym membership or a spiffy machine sold to you by Chuck Norris? Don’t fear. Just because you aren’t swimming in the dough, doesn’t mean you cannot get fit at home with a few essentials. We are going to learn how to build a home gym for less than $100. That’s right, you are out of excuses it’s time to start changing your life.

Build a home gym for less than $100

$100 can go a long way in gym gear if you know how to spend your cash. If $100 seems too steep right now there are a couple of other options to get you started as well.

Build a Home Gym Piece by Piece

There is no rule saying you are required to go create your gym in one fell swoop.
Buy things as you can. Maybe $20 a week or month is all you can throw at your gym gear, work with it. You just have to be more creative and gear your workouts to the equipment you have available at the time.
Have a birthday coming up? Ask friends and family to pool together or buy you a couple of pieces of gym equipment that are on your list.
Sell unwanted items. Do you have clutter you can part with? Try having a small garage sale or giving eBay a try to gain some cash flow.
• Check out the local thrift shops or get your booty out of bed early on a Saturday morning and hit up yard sales. One of my 15lb. dumbbells came from Goodwill for 3 bucks!

How to Spend your $100

Pick Equipment that is versatile. Whether you are buying one piece of equipment at a time or running out for a small shopping spree, try investing in multi-use equipment. Your money will not go very far if you by a new piece of equipment for every single exercise you plan on doing! We gotta be resourceful when we are broke!

My top picks are

Jump Rope: Great for Cardio and cost start out around $5

Exercise Ball: Great for balance work and adding lots of body weight exercises to your program. $20

Exercise Mat: this is a great purchase if you have hard wood or tile floors. Hard floors can cause bruising and have you avoiding floor work, an exercise mat is definitely a recommendation. If you have carpet skip out on this purchase for now and use your money for other items. $15

Step Stool: A sturdy step stool can be purchased at a local department store or hardware store. Make sure you buy a piece of equipment rated for your weight plus any weight you may lift while you are on the stool! Mine is actually the stool I bought once upon a time for the kid’s to brush their teeth. $10-30
A step stool allows you to do a single leg work.

Dumbbells: These are what the majority of your money will be used for. Heavy things to carry around aren’t exactly cheap. I suggest going to a local sporting goods store and trying a few weights.
You want a light weight for your smaller muscles. A taxing weight for bicep curls. A heavy weight for double arm use, like overhead triceps extensions. $10 plus

Test it Out

To find the right weight make sure you can complete an entire set of 12 reps. Make sure you can do the exercise 12 times without engaging other muscles to complete the set. In other words, if you are doing a bicep curl it shouldn’t look like you are doing the worm. You should only be using your bicep, if you are using your entire body, don’t embarrass yourself, and grab a smaller weight.

If you are doing the entire set without a struggle, get heavier weights and try again until you find a weight that has you struggling on the last couple of reps. This should be a good weight to start.

The price of dumbbells go up as the weight increases. You might start with a pair of 5lbs, a pair of 10lbs, and one 15lb weight. Only you can be the judge and you are going to have to lift some weights to see where you need to start!

That is exactly how you can build a home gym for less than a hundred dollars. All of these pieces of workout equipment are super versatile and can grant you many buckets of sweat!
Now that your home gym is started you need to use it. Why not check out our free 4 week workout program. It’s free, no excuses.

Once you start putting your home gyms together we would love to see pics!
If you loved this article and think your friends would like to build a home gym for less than a hundred dollars pin to Pinterest and share the love! Xoxo,Cynthia

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