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How to Eat Clean for Beginners

Convenience Foods Corner the Market

A lot of us grew up with a mix of home cooked and convenience foods.  Then convenience foods exploded.   Hello, sometimes it’s cheaper to grab a meal at a drive thru than to make it at home. How does that even work? Society made it super easy for us to drink the Kool-Aid and jump on the pre-made band wagon. There is big money in the processed food market. Fast food and already completed meals were suddenly part of everyday life.

The Effects of having Everything in a Jiffy

Over time changes started happening. What the heck was this new craze doing to our bodies? People started getting sick and our population started to become obese. That’s not good.  Scientists started doing research and decided that maybe all these chemicals added to make foods super convenient were not the best choices for our health.

Fingers started pointing and accusations started flying.

Are we starting to see a change? There are documentaries on how our nations is killing itself with food. Some folks have started to wonder just how much processed food is effecting them.

Signs of Change

  1. Some fast food restaurants are going out of business. Is this a result of poor economy or our population starting to take better care of what they put in their bodies?
  2. There is an abundance of information about eating clean, eating raw, and healthy food options.
  3. Schools are promoting healthier lunches, cooking at home as a familyhealthy recipe and fitness ideas.
  4. Farmers markets and home gardens are making a comeback.
  5. Restaurants are buying local produce and supporting local farmers while giving their customers the freshest choices, which means the most nutrient dense ingredients at the same time.

Learning how to eat clean is a new set of buzz words for most of us. However buzz words aren’t always just a bunch of media made fluff.

Changes are happening but they take time and education. Don’t be close minded.  Just because you grew up thinking things should be done a certain way doesn’t mean that’s the absolute law.

Know Your Body

Listen to your body.  Does it feel good after having a Thanksgiving like feast?  More likely you feel like you might explode.  It’s possible it’s time to make some changes in your eating habits.  Do you feel sluggish or tired after you eat? Develop headaches or brain frog?  Have gas so bad you can clear a room?

It might be time to clean up your diet. Let your body be the truth bringer.

Grab the Eat Clean Cheat Sheet to Keep Your Goals On Point.

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How to Eat Clean for Beginners

How can you break up with the foods that are weighing you down?

Start Slowly

Mountains are best conquered one pebble at a time. Cruise the outer aisle of your grocery store to get the lay of the land. Pick up a book from your local library about eating clean.  Do a google or pinterest search for healthy cooking.  Get yourself some education.

Meal Prep

Use your day off to start doing a weekly meal prep task.  Pick one task so you don’t get overwhelmed and throw in the towel. Do you eat breakfast?  If not, you should. Try planning a few simple breakfasts for the week.  Yogurt and berries, egg whites and old fashioned oatmeal, or a protein smoothie are all great relatively quick breakfast options.

Home Grown

Plant a garden this year.  There are all kinds of resources to learn to plant a garden.  Try one or two vegetables or fruits to get you started.  If you don’t have much land try a box garden.  Make sure and do a search on Google or your local library on what type of fruits and vegetables grow best in your region. Growing your own nutrient rich food tastes delicious and can give you a great boost of accomplishment.

Have an Adventure

Try one new fruit or vegetable each time you go to the grocery store.  Make an adventure out of it, let your kids pick the new item.  Go home and do a bit of research on how best to prepare it.  You may win some and you will lose some, but by all means broaden your horizons.

If it’s not Broke, Don’t Fix It

Incorporate the vegetables and fruits your family enjoys into regular meals. Go for the easy win and stock up on fruits and vegetables that are already a hit with your family.  Make them a part of your family’s regular diet.


Learn to cook.  Sounds simple but with the rise of ready made skills some folks don’t learn to cook anymore.  Pick up a recipe book and some kitchen utensils if you don’t have them and just get started.  Try a recipe with 6 ingredients or less.  This will allow you to experiment and keep some money in the bank. You can also check out my Pinterest Cooking Boards for some delicious ideas!

Food Delivery Service

Sign up for a fresh food delivery service.  I don’t have experience with these companies myself, but they seem to have a lot of raving fans. The basis of the service is you sign up for a box or certain size of meal and they send a box of fresh groceries and the recipes to create delicious healthy meals straight to your home. Personally, it’s never been a cost effective solution for us.  That doesn’t mean it’s not the right answer for you to learn how to start eating clean.

The most popular companies are Hello Fresh and Blue Apron. If anyone has experience with these let us know your thoughts!

If you are ready to make big changes to your life, the time is now. Don’t wait! Leave me a comment below if you enjoyed this article about how to eat clean or have any questions about incorporating more whole foods into your diet. Xoxo, Cynthia

How to Eat Clean for Health
Eat Clean and keep your body healthy
How to Eat Clean for Beginners

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