Fruited Water

Upgrade Your Water to Rock Star Status

Are you crazy about water? Does everyone think you are a weirdo because you know, water has no taste? Boo to them. 

Water is amazing and delicious and I know those of you in the pro water camp agree ūüôā It’s¬†the best thirst quencher around but sometimes we all need to change things up a bit.

 Check out the fun tips below to upgrade your water and hydrate your life.

So if you are feeling a bit burnt out on your regular water let’s dress it up a bit.

Jazzed up water is also great for convincing the  anti water camp they just might be missing out.  Which is great because once you lure them in, you can tell them all the health benefits you have helped them find. Ya You!

Water is a Boss

If you are reading this I know you already like water but did you know water does all these lovely things?

  • Keeps skin looking amazing
  • Controls your urge to overeat
  • Flushes toxins from your body
  • Regulates your body temperature
  • Keeps your hydrated and helps maintain body fluid levels

So yeah, if you haven’t figured it out water is kinda a big deal.

  Ok maybe you just want to go from Plain Jane Water to Rock Star Water for the day or maybe you really want to convert some water haters, regardless lets do it!

fruited water 2

From The Store

The next time you go grocery shopping grab some fresh produce to liven up your drinks.

  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Strawberries

Mix it Up

Slice your lemon, limes, and strawberries into your mason jar and fill with water either refrigerate or drink immediately.  Mash or muddle your berries and squeeze your lemons and lime for a more intense flavored water.

I tend to leave the fruit in my glass and refill it with water throughout the day.  You can either eat the fruit or dispose of it at the end of the day.  It really just depends how much the fruit has broken down by then.

*Sometimes I add kiwi to this drink which makes it a bit sour so you may need to add a bit of sweetener or honey if you end up with water more sour than you can handle.

fruited tea

Herbal Infused Water

Try adding a Raspberry Iced Tea bag to your fruit mixture for added zing.  You could also jazz it up by adding sparkling water. Yum!  Most fruit flavored herbal teas add a delicate new flavor to plain old water.


cranberry lemon water

Cranberry Citrus Water

From the Store

  • 100% Cranberry juice ( I used 2oz.)
  • Lemons
  • Limes
  • Sweetener (optional)

flavored water

Mix It Up

Slice your lemons and limes and add to your jar or cup, add cranberry juice, sweetener, and top with water. Stir or shake and you are ready to enjoy.

lemon lime cranberry water

Try a Bit of Bubbly Water

I remember the first time I ever had bubbly water.  I was 16 and had just landed in Italy on a school trip.

I asked for water and they asked with or without gas.¬† Having a hard time understanding the gentlemen’s Italian accent, we concluded that he was asking me if I wanted the water in a glass.¬† That was definitely not his question.¬† I almost spit water everywhere! I really learned a lesson that day.

Since then I have acquired a taste for it and you should definitely give it a chance.  Especially since there are all kinds of different flavors to try out these days.

Plain sparkling water like Topo Chico or San Pellegrino is yummy too!

My personal favorite is Black Raspberry but I have tried Strawberry and its delicious as well!

Thirsty for more?  Check out these Five Beverages For Fat Loss if you are still trying to wet your whistle!

Try out these recipes and let me know if they upgrade¬†your water to Rock Star status.¬† Do you have any water haters in your life what do you do to get them to get their daily dose of H2O? I’d love to hear your secrets. Comment below. My husband is definitely in the anti water camp!

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