Make A Workout Shirt

Make Your Own Motivational Workout Shirt


Because being cute is always in style. Do you need an adorable new t-shirt to get up off your booty and get to work? What’s better than coming up with your own unique motivational phrases. You know the ones that will really make you get off the couch!

This project idea came up  while I was oogling all the fun fitness shirts online. I wanted one and I wanted one now. Who has time to wait for the mailman when there are pounds to be shed?

I’m sure I’m not the only one who needs a good workout shirt every now and then.  So I got to work figuring out how we could all look marvelous in an instant!

All of these items are pretty easy to find. We took a trip to our local Walmart because it’s close. I’m sure you would have a ton of options if you have a local craft store near by.

Making your own motivational workout shirt can be completed in an afternoon, you do have to give it a day or so for the paint to dry. This would be a great project to do with your gym friends or your family! Let’s get started.

Make Your Own Motivational Workout Shirt

diy fitness shirt


  • Tank top or t shirt
  • Fabric Paint or Acrylic Paint
  • Fabric Markers or Puff Fabric Paint
  • Sketch | Stencil | Design Idea On Paper
  • Freezer Paper (optional; by the aluminum foil at the grocery store)
  • Exacto Knife (only needed if you are making a freezer paper stencil)
  • Cutting mat (only needed if you are making a freezer paper stencil)
  • Iron (only needed if you are making a freezer paper stencil)
  • Magazine or Cardboard to stick in your shirt
  • Scotch or masking tape
  • Paint Brush

A few of these items are optional depending how artsy you are feeling and how much time you have on your hands.

For the most basic and budget friendly design, all you need is a shirt, some paint and piece of cardboard.

make a workout shirt for weight loss

Workout Shirt Option 1

A Light Colored Shirt Is Necessary for this Style!

 Step One: Draw or Print out a Design

Pick a font online, import it into Microsoft Word, print it out using card stock.

Step Two: Tape it to the cardboard or magazine you will place inside shirt. Once taped down, the design can be seen through the shirt.

paint a fitness tank

Step Three: Pull the fabric taught so you can see your design.  Once your design is crystal clear, carefully trace it with paint.

You can skip the printing step all together by drawing out your own design and proceeding to taping it inside the shirt. Remember you will be tracing through a shirt so your design and lines will need to  be bold so you can see them.

diy motivational workout shirt

Workout Shirt Option 2

More accurate design and more items needed.

This shirt requires freezer paper, an exacto knife, cutting mat, and an iron; in addition to everything except for the tape.

Using the freezer paper gives you the ability to design on whatever color shirt your heart desires because the stencil is on top of the fabric.

Step One: Cut a piece of freezer paper large enough to fit the area you would like your design on your shirt.  We want the design to fit completely on the shirt!

Step Two:  Create your Design! You can free hand a design on freezer paper or you can print something from the computer and make a stencil to draw onto the freezer paper.

The Shiny Side of the Freezer Paper will be Ironed to Your Shirt.  Design on the Mat Finish Side.

Step Three: Once your design is complete very carefully using an exacto knife cut out only the area you want to be painted in the design.

freezer paper diy shirt

Step Four: Iron your freezer paper onto your shirt.  This basically sticks your stencil in place while you paint.

Motivational fitness shirts for staying in shape

Step Five:  Paint inside the stencil you created.

Strength training shirts

Step Six: Remove freezer paper very carefully as soon as you are done painting the design. If you skip this step your freezer paper will dry into your paint and you will be stuck with it.

workout shirts to meet your fitness goals

Set shirt or shirts aside and let dry for about 24 hours. Some may be ready sooner. I suggest washing inside out just to be extra careful but your designs should hold up to normal wear and tear.

The best part of your new fitness shirts? You can make as many as you want and go show off your motivation to all your friends.  That’s right strut your stuff.  Show the world what you believe in. Personalized shirts make great gifts too!  I always loving hearing new fitness quotes what are you dying to put on your next shirt?  Comment below and let me know. xo Cynthia

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