The Surprising Reason You Are Still Fat

What to do When You Can’t Lose Weight

When you think you are doing everything right but aren’t meeting your goals.  It’s quite disheartening and can derail your progress if you aren’t careful. It’s so hard to stick with something if you aren’t seeing results.  Let’s find out what to do when you can’t lose weight.

Try not to despair or if you have a freak out which is entirely possible get a grip as soon as possible.  What kind of grip you ask?

A strong one! Ok what we really mean when we say get a strong grip is take control of the situation.  Analyze your plan.  Take a hard look at your data and see if you can find out what isn’t working.  Is it a clear red flag?  If so great now it’s time to find a strategy to fix it.

Is it a bit harder to understand what might be messing you up?  Are you tracking your food?  Do you measure your food? Are you tracking your exercise?  Are you getting enough sleep? What about water? 

I will be honest here is where I run into problems.  I hate to track I try to wing it the best I can because I don’t want to waste my time tracking everything. But let me tell you what, this isn’t always a great plan.  Because then if you start stalling out or quit seeing results you don’t know where exactly you are failing.

Are you eating too much? Are you exercising too little?  Have you slept at all this week?  Ugh you just don’t know it could be any of those, all of those, or even more frustrating none of those 🙂

What to Do When you Can’t Lose Weight

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What to do when you can't lose weight

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Become a Detective

First things first start some tracking: If you don’t know what or how much you eat you have no idea if you are eating within your body needs or not. Track your food.  I know you are probably audibly sighing right now but just do it, it works.

I haven’t seen the scale move in 3 weeks.  Now I didn’t measure but I’m gonna be doing some food tracking to see if that ups my game.

Measure yourself.

Do this on a weekly basis so you can keep better track of your body changes and fluctuations. And most importantly hold yourself accountable.

Take Photos

I know, I know you are probably shaking your head or already planning to skip this part. Don’t do it or you will never be able to just how far you have come.

Get your undies on or a swimsuit and get started.

Find a loved one or a full length mirror for taking pictures.

Try to get as much of your body as possible.

Do a full frontal picture, side picture. And back picture if you can.

4 weeks from your first photos take another set.

Go mark it on the calendar as soon as the first set is finished.

Try to wear the same clothing and stand in the same spot and distance away from the camera as in your first shots.


Hold yourself responsible for your actions.  No cheating!  You know if you fudge the truth you are only standing in your own path to success.  Here are some great ways to make yourself accountable.

  • Food Journal ( If you would like to know how powerful it is, I have read about top personal trainers in the fat loss specialization that won’t considered training you without it.)
  • Food Diary App ( like MyFitnessPal )
  • Take pictures of every meal

Take a few minutes every night or at the end of every week and go over everything you recorded.  What did you do right?  What needs improved?  Holding yourself accountable allows you to really take charge and shows you a clear path of what needs improved.  It’s also a great motivator, when you are consistently reaching your goals!  Wins can be a bit addictive, in a good way.

Change your Brain

Instead of telling yourself I can’t eat that try, I don’t eat that.  It’s not something I like or enjoy. I feed my body only the best quality fuel. Redirecting your thoughts takes awhile so you will have to catch and redirect quite often.  Practice, Practice!

Get Visual

Get your tracking where you can see it.  I’m sure you have heard out of sight out of mind? Well, there is a reason the saying is so popular.  We tend to forget about things that aren’t in our face.

Yeah ok, but Cynthia I don‘t want the world to know what I’m doing.  Absolutely understandable, I have a hard time sharing it as well. So here are a couple of options: put it in your bathroom, my go to place.  If you don’t want it on the wall try inside a cabinet door.  Carry it in your purse if you are out of the house a lot this might be a better option for you.  If you never see it at home it’s not doing any good.


Having someone in your life that shares your goals is so important!   You can bounce ideas off each other and share struggles and accomplishments.  Join my newsletter to receive new posts on health and fitness and read stories about ladies with like minded goals. We are there and we have your back.  Let’s all embrace this challenge together.

Finding out what to do when you can’t lose weight is essential for your success.  It takes some effort and serious work on your part, but it’s totally worth it. xo Cynthia

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