Skinny Lemon Fluff Dessert

Skinny Lemon Fluff Dessert

Does your sweet tooth every give you a run for your money when you are trying hard to stick to your weight loss goals?  Well today’s Skinny Lemon Fluff Dessert Recipe might just help you out.  It’s not overly sweet, but it might do the trick when the urge for sweets hits you hard.

So this started out as a recipe before Easter and turned into an Epic Fail.  That is right my friends, it wasn’t pretty. The dog did try it, when I left the room and didn’t even eat it. And though it looked absolutely delicious, it tasted yucky!

You all  can put your faith in me. I’m not going to try to give you anything I don’t believe in and wouldn’t use myself! So I needed to work on it until it tasted way better!

Therefore this recipe took some trial and error and here we are out of the first week of May and I do believe this recipe is now worthy of your consumption.
I think the difference of not wasting your money and throwing your ingredients in the trash is worth the wait!

Ok this started out as a cheesecake recipe but turned into more of a fluff. And for all of you purist this isn’t a recipe
for you. There are a couple of packages ingredients up in here. So if you don’t use packaged ingredients, don’t waste your time this recipe has a couple!

Skinny Lemon Fluff Dessert

skinny lemon fluff for weight loss goals


2 – 6 oz containers of lemon or key lime Greek yogurt if you cannot find lemon
1 – 6 oz container vanilla yogurt Greek or light
1 sugar free lemon jello boxed
1/2 cup boiling water
1 container sugar free cool whip
optional for cheese cakey ness

Graham crackers/graham cracker crumbs
additional cool whip
sliced strawberries

Items you can purchase online

Sugar Free Jello

Graham Crackers

Small Sauce Pan

Liquid Measuring Cup

Skinny Lemon Fluff Healthy Recipe

Cooking Instructions

Dissolve half cup boiling water into powdered jello.  Let cool for a couple of minutes. Using a spoon blend all 3 yogurts with jello.  Once jello and yogurt are mixed, fold in cool whip until everything is combined.  Refrigerate for 2- 4 hours before serving.  This can be eaten immediately, but the texture will become more dense if it is refrigerated first.

To create a cheesecake like dessert, crush graham crackers and add them to bottom of dish.  Spoon filling onto graham cracker crumbs and top with a few sliced strawberries and extra cool whip.

I hope you enjoyed this Skinny Lemon Fluff Dessert.  It may have taken awhile to get the recipe right but sometimes it takes trial and error before you find something you like!  What type of skinny desserts would you like to see in the future?  Let me know in the comments below! xo Cynthia


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