How To Start Drinking Black Coffee (2)

How to Start Drinking Black Coffee without Spewing it Across the room.

Let’s learn how to drink black coffee so we don’t find ourselves spewing it across the room! Have you ever done that?  Thought you were about to drink one thing and accidentally drank something else.

Your mouth is all primed and ready for what you think is in the cup and then the shocked reaction just happens as your beverage is forcefully splattered across whatever happens to be in front of you.

It’s no freaking joke. I have seen my husband do this on more than one occasion. He drinks sweet tea and my momma drinks unsweetened. It’s just like a crazy huge shock to the system that your body is just not gonna allow.

How to Start Drinking Black Coffee

I picture the same thing when I think about drinking black coffee. Torture and punishment!

However, I think we all might already have an idea that we shouldn’t be drowning our coffee in a pound of sugar. Guess what that velvety smooth creamer you are using? It’s loaded with crap too.


Truth Bomb** After you stop eating/drinking these things for awhile your tastes will change. But right now you are addicted and your tastes have adapted. You have developed a taste for it. Once you kick the habit there is a far greater chance chemically processed foods are gonna start tasting like bleck.

I had some Twizzlers the other day and you know what? They tasted like the plastic bag they came out of. I kept eating them because it didn’t make any sense.

I remember Twizzlers as tasting good and yummy and I should like them. So I ate quite a few just trying to get that taste/feeling back. It didn’t happen. Maybe in the future I won’t try Twizzlers again.

Ok you know its a great idea but your next thought is oh heck no, I cannot survive, it isn’t worth it….cue dramatic music and fainting on the sofa.

I Know It’s the Getting there that is the Hard Part

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Get Your Mind Ready for Black Coffee

Ok first you need your head in the game or there is no point even trying.  So let’s learn why we should attempt drinking black coffee.

  • Black coffee is easy pour it in the cup and you are done presto! No measuring sugar and creamer or worrying about being out of either!  It takes up less space at your house and you don’t have to rush out and buy more when you run out.
  • Sugar in your coffee leads to energy crashes and cravings.  We have a enough to worry about we don’t need this too!  Sugar is great for amping you up and then leaving you crashing in the dirt.  All those cravings you get for sweet and salty treats that go straight to your waistline?  Go ahead and point the finger at sugar for that one as well.
  • While doing research for this article I came across something about creamer being processed through animal bones.  What the heck does that even mean.  Enough said, I’m good.  Moving on.
  • Think of all the fat cash you will be saving if you kick a Starbucks addiction to the curb? Those Grande delights encased in that warm white cup with the green goddess begging you to drink….and spend all your mooluahs, Starbucks really puts it to ya.  Those drinks are pricey!!

What’s a girl to do so her coffee doesn’t taste like poo?!! :O

How to Brew the Perfect Cup of Coffee

  • Get  your portions right.  If you are anything like me you just toss some coffee in the filter.   I have learned this can actually make your coffee taste more like dammit.  Try 2 Tablespoons of coffee for every 6 oz of water.

The Best Tasting Coffee to Drink Black is the One You Like

  • Buy quality coffee.  Buy a few small packs of coffee to try.  Get some fresh ground coffee.  Once again just buy a little bit and see how you like it.  You can also experiment with grinding your own beans if you are ambitious.

  • Experiment with bottled water to see if it gives your coffee a better flavor.  Make sure to keep your brewing equipment or whatever type of coffee maker you have clean.
  • Try flavored coffee grounds for black coffee with some added flavor.  Be adventurous and try different roasts and flavors.

The best black coffee for beginners is a coffee that gradually goes black.

Start Reducing the amount of extras you put in your coffee so you system isn’t freaked out and your mouth clamps down like oh hell no!

There is no reason to torture yourself, a slow decline is a great option when it comes to getting all the fake junk out of your coffee.

It takes awhile to get used to drinking black coffee.  Anywhere from a couple of weeks to a couple of months before your taste buds no longer miss the sugar and creamer.

Try not to reheat your coffee or leave it in the pot all day.  Coffee has the best flavor when its fresh.  As its reheated or sits all day it loses its taste.

What are some Healthy alternatives to Drinking Black Coffee

Ok you tried it or you absolutely refused, regardless you know you want to get away from creamer and sugar.  So although you aren’t ready to go all the way, you are open to experimentation.

1st I will tell you my favorite 🙂

Protein Powder Coffee

100% Pure Whey Isolate Protein Powder.  Yep sometimes I put protein powder in my coffee.  It gives it a pretty creamy and sweet flavor.

Don’t go buy some crappy protein powder cause it’s still gonna be full of all kinda bullshit.

Look at the label and here is what you want to see: whey isolate and maybe a couple of flavorings.  If your options are limited look for something with 1 gram or less of sugar and carbs, then go with the shortest ingredients lists!

Premix Your Protein Powder Before you put it in your coffee. Just make it concentrated, not like a regular shake. Add about half a scoop to just enough water to make a liquid. Then you can mix it with your coffee.

If you skip this step you will hate me and think I’m a big ol’ liar. I thought all the claims of protein powder coffee were bs until I figured out this step.
Adding the powder straight to super hot coffee creates a curdling like effect. It doesn’t mix and it taste like soggy no nos in your mouth. Ewww its gross.

Coconut Oil

Some folks like to add coconut oil to their coffee. I haven’t figured out the precise trick to this. It’s totally a thing. I just made an oily mess that didn’t go in my belly it went down the drain.

I have since learned you are evidently supposed to toss your coffee and the coconut oil in the blender.  Here is where it supposedly becomes magical and dreamy.  I’m going to have to check it out.  Beware some blenders say no hot stuff allowed, but I’m told a hand held blender works great as well.  So check your manual before you break something!

Remember not to go overboard with your oil.  Yes, it’s good and healthy but you don’t need a ton of it.  Try 1 tsp per cup of coffee.

Coconut Coffee Creamer

Here is a creamer recipe I have come across and want to try but haven’t had a chance. If you check it out be sure to let me know how it is.

  • pure light coconut milk in a can
  • melted coconut oil
  • and a few drops of flavor extract

Add these ingredients to a glass jar with air tight lid, shake up and add 1tsp per cup of black coffee.

The Number One Secret to Better Tasting Coffee

A super Awesome Mug!


Learning how to start drinking black coffee can do amazing things for your health.  Kicking useless sugars and carbs to the curb is great for your body and it will give an extra mental boost to the mornings without creating brain fog. Do you have any tips about how to start drinking black coffee? I would love to see them in the comments below! xo Cynthia

P.S. If you enjoyed reading all about black coffee you might be interested in learning about Beverages for Fat Loss.

Interested in learning even more about coffee?  Check out the National Coffee Association for a wealth of information!

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