ACE Head Shot

Welcome to Devening Fitness. I’m Cynthia Devening owner of Devening Fitness, a women’s fitness company focused on inspiring health, wellness, and confidence everyday to make you unstoppable! On this site I share fitness routines, healthy recipes, confidence boosting strategies, motivations, and glimpses of life here in Texas.

Everyone should have the ability to make the best decisions about their health and wellness so I became an Ace Certified Personal Trainer to help people like you that want to be fit and healthy and want to have their beautiful souls shine through everything they do!

Here’s to all the ladies that want to make every moment count, unleash their inner fitness ninjas, enjoy life, gain a sisterhood and join the movement.

This is my story…….

In high school I was active in sports almost year round.  I was never what you would call skinny but I was active and ate healthier than most people I knew.  I was a pretty steady 150 until I graduated in 2001. Once the activity stopped with the sports the weight started piling on at a crazy rate.  The freshman 15 found me along with more weight each year.  It was really depressing.  After the birth of my daughter in 2006 I was at about 230lbs.

I took charge, gained courage, got off my butt and I started seeing results.  I was doing workout videos along with video game workouts 5 days a week and tracking everything I ate over time I got down to 180lbs.

Life happened and I wasn’t as motivated and I couldn’t find a balance and started regaining weight.  After the birth of my son 3 years later I was back up to 220lbs. and furious with myself.  I dieted and exercised off and on going back and forth from 190 to 220lbs. between 2009 and 2011.

At the beginning of 2012, I took charge again slower this time eating healthier and trying out walking exercise videos.  After my weight loss stalled I joined a gym and after another month of not seeing any results after working out 5 days a week I hired a personal trainer. It would turn out to be one of the best things I have ever done for myself,  I started losing fat and gaining muscles! I was super intimated to start because I have always thought I was pretty weak.  Well I’m glad I don’t feel weak at all anymore. Some days I feel like a total bad ass!

I had a trainer for a little over a year and then I returned to work full time.  I didn’t handle it well at all.  I totally dropped the ball.  I was working 60 hours a week and I have a family and a house on top of that to take care of.  I didn’t figure out a plan to get my fitness in.  I didn’t juggle all the balls well and  my main focus had shifted from working out to working at my job.  I could have adapted but I didn’t figure that out at the time!  I was under the impression that if I couldn’t make it to the gym 2 hours a day that it didn’t matter.  I know that was misguided thinking now and I will be better able to deal with the problem the next time it comes up.

That being said I caught it quicker this time and had only gained about 20lbs in about 6 mos. Who else gains weight this fast?  And I got everything back under control.

To me health and wellness is no longer about a number on the scale.  I’m concerned with feeling good, looking good, and being confident. I’m a work in progress and always will be and I accept that.

Favorite Fitness Saying: “I kill fat for a living”

Favorite Healthy Food: Jonathan Apples (they are so hard to get here in Texas)

Favorite Body Part To Work Out: Legs, Legs, and Legs

Favorite Guilty Pleasure: Pizza and Jack Daniels

Favorite Hobby: Drawing Cartoons